Actualizado: 18 de jun de 2020

We are launching our Special Services to work safely during and post Covid. Is a very creative way of moving forward.

  1. Companies can work and invoice, generate income with our process, and can be ready to the next phase, back to work. More updates this week

  2. Using Collaboration Software you can manage your teams safely and fast.

Actualizado: 18 de jun de 2020

We presented our Covid 19 protocol document for approval prior to mobilize our team of Supervisors to the well site. See this great document that shows the quality of our team. Congrats!

Update: This Protocol was approved by the Labor Ministry, good news

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Actualizado: 12 de nov de 2020

In the next couple of days we will update you folks on the new Project-Well that we will be working. Stay tuned for updates.

En los proximos dias, estaremos mobilizando Supervisores a un nuevo Proyecto, hemos creado el Protocolo de Seguridad de proteccion al COVID 19, un excelente documento creado por el equipo de Satelite SRL.

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